The tag for this blog is stolen from one of my favourite comedy shows, the 1990s Paul Whitehouse/Charlie Higson creation, The Fast Show. It had fast-moving sketches and hilarious characters like Bob Fleming, Ted and Ralph, Unlucky Alf, Dave Angel Eco-Warrior, Rowley Birkin QC and Brilliant Kid. Caroline Aherne (who later co-created the brilliant/sad The Royle Family) appeared as metereologist Poula Fisch on the fictitious Channel 9 weather where the forecast was always ‘el scorchio!’ ‘You ain’t seen me, right’ was the catchphrase of an unnamed character who would pop up in 15 sec sketches every now and then.

But here’s Rowley Birkin QC (‘I was very, very drunk at the time’) with the world’s saddest love story: